dcurtis 4 days ago [-]

Working on it right now, in fact.

Rjevski 4 days ago [-]
Just maintenance, or are there new features planned?
dcurtis 4 days ago [-]
First maintenance, then fixing bugs, and finally new features.
xkbd 4 days ago [-]
Glad to hear.
skibz 5 days ago [-]
It's definitely not dead. My best guess is that it simply lost the popularity contest to Medium. Svbtle's influence cannot be understated, however, in my opinion. I've seen a number of independent bloggers using their own "kudos circle" (inspired by the Svbtle feature)
contravariant 4 days ago [-]
>cannot be understated

I think you may have one negation too many there.

skibz 4 days ago [-]
Hahaha, no kidding! :D Overstated is what I meant to say.
anatolinicolae 5 days ago [-]
jannes 4 days ago [-]
I didn't even realise that they had launched to the public. In my mind they were an invitation-only blogging service.
Rjevski 4 days ago [-]
I see why you think it might be dead, given that it stays quiet in the background and gets out of your way (as opposed to Medium for example), but that's the whole point of Svbtle.

Svbtle puts the content first - the content is the end game, where as Medium puts itself first; the Medium brand itself is put first; the content is just an afterthought.

tedmiston 3 days ago [-]
I think OP was more pointing out that, at least from the outside, the product and its features appear unchanged from several years ago.

I tried Svbtle myself, and while I like the product aesthetically and conceptually, customization features that I really wanted like adding custom tracker tags just weren't there yet. I chose to keep using Ghost for now.

4 days ago [-]
Finiz1983 4 days ago [-]
I would say Svbtle had gone experimenting. At some point I decided I wanted to be a part of something livelier and more inclusive and announced in a review of Book Worm Lab http://ratedbystudents.com/services/bookwormlab Svbtle dead too. But now I'm using it again:)