hardwaresofton 4 days ago [-]
Note that this does not affect your domain if it's already purchased (at least as far as I can see) -- I'm a gandi customer (they offer a fantastic service when it's not down). I'm not affected by this becuase I only use gandi for purchasing and managing my domains.

I use:

- Gandi.net for domain purchasing (for the TLDs they support anyway. I own some TLDs I can't use them for and am pretty sad about it since I like their DNS management UI so much)

- Let's Encrypt for TLS

- My own email server for email

So this downtime doesn't affect me but glad to see they're transparent about it at least

rurban 4 days ago [-]
Looks like yesterdays 2hr DDOS attack came back.
gnode 4 days ago [-]
Are they under fire for any particular known reason?
GrumpyNl 4 days ago [-]
Looking at the timeline at this page, they have a lot of problems. https://status.gandi.net/timeline
criley2 4 days ago [-]
I feel like this is a normal amount of problems combined with a very high level of transparency
Someone1234 4 days ago [-]

AWS likely has significantly more problems spread across their entire set of services but Amazon rarely updates the dashboard[0] unless it hits a news article. I've had entire availability zones seemingly go offline, and the dashboard changes to a "some customers are having disruption" message. It is almost comical how under-stated the AWS status dashboard is... Almost...

[0] http://status.aws.amazon.com/

vorpalhex 4 days ago [-]
Twitter is probably a better indicator if there are AWS problems than their dashboard unfortunately...
ceejayoz 4 days ago [-]
Plus a wide variety of product offerings.

Heroku takes a similarly transparent approach: https://status.heroku.com/

GrumpyNl 4 days ago [-]
Im not talking about transparency, last 16 days, 10 problems, one of 6 days , one of 3 days and several smaller ones. I dont know the company, i see this page, my first reaction, thats a lot of problems in 10 days. I dont understand the downvoting, is it because i said something negative?
realusername 4 days ago [-]
They recently redone the whole web part (and supposedly the backend as well since they changed usernames), it's a bit expected to have some issues. Gandi is an old company now, there's probably some very old legacy code they had to remove.