PerryCox 4 days ago [-]
>Elliott Morris of Redditch, Worcestershire, was sentenced to eight and a half years for conspiracy to supply cannabis.

Great, just great. Let's jail someone for eight fucking years because they are supplying people with Marijuana. That seams reasonable.

matthewaveryusa 4 days ago [-]
According to this article it seems perfectly reasonable:

That's a good amount of money and investments for drug-dealing.

btbuildem 4 days ago [-]
In the photo, the various pills resemble company logos -- skype, ikea etc. I wonder if that's an attempt to avoid detection when talking about them online, like "I want to go to ikea" being code for whatever the yellow one is.
ggus 4 days ago [-]
tl;dr: fingerprint identification via photograph: they matched part of the hand appearing in the picture with the hand of the suspect.