thisisit 4 days ago [-]
Masayashi Son and Softbank have the history of greatest lost of net worth ever:

So, I wonder if everyone who is following Softbank's lead will have the iron stomach to take those kind of losses, if market crashes.

jamisteven 4 days ago [-]
With big loss of money, come big gain of knowledge. - Some Saudi
rorykoehler 4 days ago [-]
2 things. If the market crashes Softbank have enough money to ride it out and they are investing heavily in things that will become seamlessly embedded in every day life.
te_chris 4 days ago [-]
Didn't the paradise papers basically reveal that softbank is the acceptable face of dodgy money?
Neracked 4 days ago [-]
Only thing I could find about Softbank and paradise papers is a few lines in a NHK world article [1]:

> Telecom giant Softbank Group set up a business entity based in the Cayman Islands to operate an investment fund four years ago. The name of the company's CEO, Masayoshi Son, was mentioned in one of the documents.

> Softbank says it registered the investment fund there to avoid dual taxation for its investors.

While suspicious, this seems like too little evidence to support a broad statement such as "softbank is the acceptable face of dodgy money".


0xB31B1B 4 days ago [-]
It’s 50% Saudi money
soVeryTired 4 days ago [-]
I can't see much about that on google, but I'd be very interested to read about it if you've got a link.