hwoolery 4 days ago [-]
Hi HN! I'm the creator of the app -- happy to answer any questions about my app or how to best survive an attack from a Wampa
nikkwong 4 days ago [-]
This is so cool. Major props to such a great implementation and unique idea!
hwoolery 4 days ago [-]
thanks! Still a lot of refinement left to do (this was initially released as a proof of concept). But I'm happy to see people from all over enjoying the gimmick : )
THE_PUN_STOPS 4 days ago [-]
What’s the best way to survive an attack from a Wampa?
hwoolery 4 days ago [-]
Uh, InstaSaber, of course: https://twitter.com/2020cv_inc/status/942849449193177088

If on Android, just hide inside your Tauntaun and pray... joking (we hope to get this running on Android soon too)

halflings 4 days ago [-]
What type of data did you have to collect? (photo + actual position/orientation of the tube) ; how does this generalize to items of different shapes/sizes? (I think that's something that would be good to show in your demo video)
hwoolery 4 days ago [-]
I hope to do a technical writeup of my process soon. In short, the training images were created from videos of rotating the tube around in hand at various angles and lighting conditions. These images were then annotated to determine the location of several keypoints around the paper. It generalizes pretty well, see here: https://twitter.com/2020cv_inc/status/945502116335906816